• purpose of use:
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • on demand
  • High heat resistance up to 245°C
  • bearing strength up to: 200 kN
  • 100% recyclable
  • Base body is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • Plastic material is oil and road salt proof
  • Cover made of cast iron EN- JL 1030 (GG-20), sustainably corrosion-resistant
  • Cover screw joint is made of X5CrNi 1810 steel. The bolt is made of chrome steel with a minimum chrome part of 13%
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SERIUS surface boxes are round, oval or square hollow structures with cast iron cover. SERIUS surface boxes are available for potable water, gas and district heating and return systems. The surface boxes allow with little effort an access to the subjacent utility armatures or to the respective control elements that are primarily laid, fixed and sealed in the subgrade of the road construction. An assembly on unsurfaced soil structure is also possible.


The GG-20 cover is lifted, with the respective tools according to the function and weight determined in the DIN norm 4055, 4056, 4057, 4059 etc. out of the base body and is turned approx. 180°. A free access to the armatures or other control elements is given and can be easily activated. The GG-20 cover can’t be removed due to the safety bolt provided in the bottom part, which is anchored inside in the thread of the base body.

Components and assembly

Surface boxes consist of three components for a non-adjustable finish, and of four components for the adjustable finish. The design is adapted to the forms and dimensions according to its different purposes.

  1. Base body

    Base body

    The SERIUS base body is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and has a temperature resistance of 240° Celsius. The material composition as well as the physical characteristics are determined, proved and permanently controlled by means of samples, independent laboratory tests and a respective quality assurance.

    The base body is set flat on onsite prepared bedding and serves to protect the control elements or the armatures that are installed in the subgrade, against construction materials allowing an easy access. The cover is fixed in a provided angle flute. For the safety of the cover, the base body provides a thread for the safety bolt.

    On the adjustable surface boxes the cover fixing is not applied as well as the thread for the safety bolt, it is fixed at the adjuster.

  2. Cover

    The cover of SERIUS surface boxes is made of cast iron with a minimum quality of GG-20. Weight, grade and dimension are clearly defined in the respective DIN according to the purpose and the design of the surface box, proved with samples, laboratory tests and quality assurance. The cover serves as a protection for the underlying armature against construction materials and mud, and for the road safety.

    The cover provides a thread for the safety bolt.

  3. The adjuster (only on adjustable surface boxes)

    The adjuster consists of the same material as the base body. The certificates are presented as they are for the base body.

    The adjuster levels the height of the top edge of the constructed area without having to provide any special substructure measures. Furthermore, the adjuster of the adjustable make has to hold the cover in the same way as the base body of the non-adjustable make does.


All components are marked, (except the safety bolt):

  • according to the respective DIN norm (e. g. 4055 …etc.)
  • the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) label with its respective registration number
  • cast iron quality
  • manufacturer logo
  • manufacturing date


  • DIN 4057, 4056, 4055, 4059, 3581, 3583, 4059, 3581
  • DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) test base VP 310 – December 2nd 2003