Since we have been on the market - since Year 2008, we have often received confirmation from our customers that we are right with our product and our guiding principles.


  • Production of our Surface boxes – street caps in Germany to protect the environment -due to short distances – manufacturing - supplying to the customers side.
  • Use of recycled material to protect resources
  • 100% control over the entire production cycle.
  • Qualitatively produce the highest quality synthetic surface boxes.
  • Many of our long-standing satisfied customers support the Serius surface boxes.
  • Continuous development of the Serius surface boxes  due innovations.
  • Please take note Serius Grip, grid technology with sealing ring, height-adjustable plaster caps (to avoid the pitfalls in the pedestrian zones, etc.) There are already imitators but it is just not the original. The original has a name - Serius.
  • Use of synthetic  material by 30% glass fiber content, which connect to the asphalt . Expansion coefficient equal to a GG surface box, but lighter, therefore no crack or fissure, no rattling no rusting of the lid to the housing. No additional potting to make a transition to the asphalt. In result of it cost and time savings on the end.
  • Who takes responsibility? The casting material manufacturer or who makes the repairs. This is not necessary with our caps. Our caps are compatible with the asphalt.
  • No slimming on the material but strictly according to DIN standards. No weight reduction maintaining the proven wall thicknesses.
  • Training of employees , education and training takes regular place.
  • With words and deeds to develop and implement solutions together to help our customers to develop and implement solutions together.
  • Also available , such as XXL formats and special lids production of special caps.
  • Wages of our employees well above the minimum wages.